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The Carolina Panthers essentially paid Steve Smith $5 million to go away.

Still, the story Ty Detmer told about his brother Koy faking a knee injury to land on injured reserve in 1997, a ruse apparently planned by the Philadelphia Eagles, is funny and pretty audacious too. The incentive to do that would be to hide Koy Detmer on injured reserve and use the 53rd spot on the roster for another player.

Via Deadspin and Off The Record, Ty Detmer told the story in a radio interview with Cheap Shots. You can hear Detmer tell the story at about 22:25 of the show.

"[Koy] came up to me like a couple days before that day and was like, 'Hey, they want me to go on injured reserve so they can keep me around, what do you think?' And I'm like, 'Well, if they're going to keep you around, you know I wouldn't not do it.' So that day before practice he comes up and he's like, 'OK, today's the day they told me.'

"So, we're kind of in team period at the end of practice and they're like, 'All right, Koy, you're in!' And so, he kind of goes in, runs a play, runs another play and then he looks at me and gives me this wink as he's stepping in to call the play. And so I'm like, trying not to laugh cause I'm like, 'How is this gonna go down, you know?' It's a running play. He hands off and as he's coming out after the hand off to carry out his bootleg fake, he goes down and rolls around and grabs his knee.'

"And oh man, you know, the whole practice kinda stops like, 'what happened?' And guys were coming up to me and, 'Oh man, is this the same knee he hurt at Colorado?' And I'm like, 'Yeah, I think so, I don't know, maybe he just, you know, twisted a little or something.' So they end up bringing the cart out and they cart him off the field. So, practice ends and I go into the training room, you know, and there he is laying on the training room table with a towel over his face and I just kind of raised the corner up and peeked and he's got this big old grin on his face. You know, like, 'How was that for my acting job?' I had to get out of there because I was about to just die laughing. And the rest of the team, you can't say anything because nobody is supposed to know."

That's not just a minor injury being sent to IR to get around the 53-man roster limit. What Ty Detmer is claiming is that his brother faked an injury, with the team plotting it, and put on a show for the team and media to sell it. Detmer said the media was out at practice when it happened, and that was by design. If this story sounds outlandish, like it's a lark by Ty Detmer, it's very detailed for him to be making it up. And Reuben Frank of CSN Philly, who has covered the Eagles since 1988, said on Twitter that he knew that story to be true not long after it happened.

Deadspin linked to a 1998 Philadelphia Daily News story in which a reference is made to when Koy Detmer "mysteriously aggravated a two-year-old knee injury." Ty Detmer said not even all the coaches were in on it, because, "back then you could get in big trouble" for that. Only a few people knew at the time what was going on. Ty Detmer said Koy Detmer even wore a brace and used crutches for a while to sell the story.

Detmer said Jon Gruden, then the Eagles' offensive coordinator, definitely was one of the coaches who was in on it.

"I'm sure Gruden does (know the story), because he told him it was time to take the dive," Ty Detmer said.

It's a great story, assuming that it's true and that Ty Detmer didn't make up an elaborate tale. It also leads you to wonder how often this type of thing has happened without anyone telling about it years later.

NFL Titans Owner Bud Adams, Foolish Club Member, Dies at 90

Adams helped found the American Football Live Betting Lines nfl football betting Online Bingo NFL Betting Lines Football League 54 years ago as a member of the self-proclaimed Foolish Club of eight men whod been denied NFL franchises. His Houston Oilers won two AFL titles before the leagues merged in 1966.
In 1995, after a feud with Houston over using public money for a new stadium, Adams reached an agreement to move the team to Tennessee, renaming the club beginning in the 1999 season.

Adams death comes three days after that of former Oilers coach Bum Phillips, also 90. Phillips led the Oilers to two American Football Conference championship games.

Adams served in the Navy during World War II before founding the ADA Oil Company, a forerunner of Adams Resources & Energy Inc. (AE) His wife of 62 years, Nancy, died in 2009. They had two daughters, Susie Smith and Amy Strunk; a son, Kenneth S. Adams III, who is deceased; and seven grandchildren.

To contact the reporter on this story: Aaron Kuriloff in New York at

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Early season AFC East battle, Pats visit the Jets

Kickoff: Sunday, 4:15 p.m. EDT Line: New England -3, Total: 38

Yet another underdog playing in front of their home crowd is under the football betting spotlight Sunday afternoon as the New York Jets (+3) host the New England Patriots.

The Jets’ offense was atrocious in Monday night’s 10-9 loss to Baltimore. They converted just 1-of-11 third downs, QB Mark Sanchez threw for 3.5 yards per attempt (10-21, 74 yds) and their time of possession was nearly doubled by Baltimore’s (NYJ-21:28, BAL-38:32). New York also committed 14 penalties costing them 125 yards and six first downs against the Ravens. And there is already a running back controversy about who will get more carries, Shonn Greene or LaDainian Tomlinson.

New England’s offense had no such problems in its 38-24 win over Cincinnati. Tom Brady threw for 258 yards and three touchdowns, with two going to WR Wes Welker, playing despite last December’s major knee injury. The Patriots don’t figure to put up 38 points against a Jets defense which allowed the fewest yards in the NFL in 2009, but New York will miss two of its better defensive players -- LB Calvin Pace (fractured foot) and NT Kris Jenkins (torn ACL).

Another storyline is Jets CB Darrelle Revis versus Patriots WR Randy Moss. Revis shut down Moss in the Jets’ 16-9 home win last season, but Revis is not at full speed yet because of his pre-season holdout. Revis played a limited role in the loss to Baltimore instead of covering the team’s top receiver. Coach Rex Ryan is expected to put Revis, despite hamstring tightness, back in his shut-down-corner role with his main duty of shadowing Moss. But even if Revis is effective at stopping Moss, Brady still has plenty of weapons in his arsenal to choose.

Since 1992, the Patriots are 11-6 ATS when the Jets host them in New York. And this time the Patriots get one more day of rest and preparation than the Monday-Night-Football-weary Jets do.

A couple key betting trends provide Pats’ bettors with even more intel:

Play Against - Home teams where the line is +3 to -3 (NY JETS) - after 1 or more consecutive losses, in September games. (83-45 since 1983.) (64.8%, +33.5 units. Rating = 2*).

NY JETS are 3-14 ATS (-12.4 Units) in home games in the first two weeks of the season since 1992. The average score was NY JETS 17.3, OPPONENT 24.3 - (Rating = 2*).

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NFC South Preview

The Carolina Panthers and the Atlanta Falcons had decent seasons, with both clubs hitting either the .500 mark or surpassing it.

Unfortunately for them, they're in the same division as the New Orleans Saints, who marched all over the NFL on their way to their first Super Bowl title in team history.

Then you have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who were the division's only weak link in 2009.

Below are breakdowns of the four NFC South teams and how their draft classes will impact their upcoming season. This information is crucial to NFL betting. To have any success with your NFL betting you need to keep up to date on ALL the teams. Here is what we think of the NFC South:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tampa Bay went 3-13 in 2009.

With that said, the Bucs have a "B" rated draft class.

Tampa Bay's defense couldn't stop anybody, which is why they ranked 27th in the league in total yards.

With nine total picks in the draft, the Bucs dedicated six of those nine picks to the defense.

This was a wise move, considering the defense gave up 365.6 yards per game.

The two biggest defensive acquisitions were DTs Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma and Brian Price out of UCLA.

Tampa Bay looks to combine the skills of McCoy and Price to create a tough defensive front, much like Warren Sapp and Anthony McFarland.

The Bucs' offense was no pleasure to watch either, settling in at the No. 28 spot in the league, producing a mere 287.5 yards per game.

However, the addition of WR Arrelious Benn from Illinois should help the stagnant unit.

In his three seasons with Illinois from 2007 to 2009, Benn collected 2,221 yards on 159  yards with seven TDs.

While Benn's numbers aren't off the charts, they're good enough to provide QB Josh Freeman with another offensive outlet.

Carolina Panthers: The Panthers had a respectable 2009 season, finishing up at 8-8.

Carolina is looking to build upon their 8-8 season with a good balance of offensive and defensive picks in the draft. The Panthers had 10 picks in the draft, with five defensive and five offensive players.

Starting QB Matt Moore should be a little worried about his job, seeing as the Panthers drafted three QBs, the most notable of the three being Notre Dame product Jimmy Clausen and Tony Pike from Cincinnati.

If Clausen performs well enough in the preseason, he could very well snatch the starting job from Moore.

With an offense that ranked 19th in the NFL in total yards per game (331.1), it would have made more sense to cut back on the QB picks and pick up offensive players they could use right away.

The Panthers did pick up WR Brandon LaFell from LSU, and he'll no doubt have a huge impact on increasing the Panthers' offensive production. I'm just not sure if Carolina needed to draft three QBs.

As for the defense, well, they don't need any help.

Carolina's defense ranked eighth in the NFL, giving up 315.8 yards per game.

They did pick up some help with LB Eric Norwood from South Carolina.

However, Carolina may have made a mistake by drafting too many QBs and defensive players, and not enough offensive play-makers.

Atlanta Falcons: The Atlanta Falcons' 2009 season ended with a 9-7 record.

Atlanta juiced up their defense, which ranked 21st in the NFL with 348.9 yards per game, with LB Sean Weatherspoon from Missouri.

In his career with the Tigers, Weatherspoon racked up an amazing 388 tackles, but only had three FF and four INTs.

Either way, there's still a place for him in the Falcons' defense, and he's primed to make his mark during his rookie season.

CB Dominique Franks from Oklahoma will be a solid piece in the Falcons' dime and nickel packages, and will help remove from memory Atlanta's pass-coverage problems.

The Falcons ranked 28th in the NFL against the pass, giving up 241.9 yards per game. Franks could be the answer to that passing problem and bolster the Falcons' defense.

Atlanta didn't add much in the way of offense, but they did add depth to their offensive line in OGs Mike Johnson from Alabama and Joe Hawley from UNLV. While Hawley and Johnson aren't a dire necessity, they do add much-needed depth to the offensive line.

New Orleans Saints: Honestly, the Saints didn't need any help from the draft.

They went 13-3 last season, not to mention claiming the Lombardi Trophy, and there's no reason they can't do it all again this season.

That being said, the Saints picked up monster talent within the draft, making them an even more formidable opponent this season.

Interestingly enough, the Saints' defense ranked 25th last season, allowing 357.8 yards per game. 

Lucky for them, they acquired CB Patrick Robinson, whom the Saints may move to FS or use him as a piece in their nickel packages.

Also, the Saints added depth to their defensive front with DT Al Woods out of LSU. Davis will be integral in controlling the interior of the line.

It should come as no surprise that the Saints are No. 1 in the league in total offensive yards per game with 403.8.

New Orleans locked up that No. 1 offensive ranking by adding TE Jimmy Graham from Miami. Graham will have the chance to develop behind starting TE Jeremy Shockey, and the Saints could use him as a red zone TE in his rookie season.

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Final Rankings:

4. Carolina Panthers: The Panthers may have shot themselves in the foot by drafting three QBs and not enough other offensive and defensive weapons.  Look for another 8-8 season here.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tampa Bay made excellent use of their picks, as they picked up McCoy and Price to tighten up that defensive front, thus creating problems for opposing offenses.

2. Atlanta Falcons: I think the addition of Weatherspoon will great increase the Falcons' potential and they'll build off their 9-7 record from 2009.

1. New Orleans Saints: This should come as no surprise. The Saints won the Super Bowl with a defense ranked 25th in the league. They've added Robinson and Woods to the lineup, so I'm expecting the New Orleans' defense to become much better in 2010. Also, they added TE Graham, who gives Drew Brees just another outlet to beat you.